Orgasm at the time of conception.

Orgasm at the time of conception.

No orgasm – no conception. The authors of this myth are convinced that for the onset of pregnancy during sexual act, the expectant mother must certainly get sexual relaxation – orgasm. Justify this method of conception planning as follows: during orgasm, the vaginal environment becomes alkaline, which greatly facilitates the movement of spermatozoa to the egg. And since the probability of conception largely depends on the speed of movement of spermatozoa (the life span of both sex cells is limited, and they literally need to meet), the chances of conception increase dramatically. Logic in such reasoning, of course, is; However, placing too high hopes on this relationship is not worth it. The main factor on which the possibility of conception depends is the onset of ovulation; If this has not happened yet, the “sprinting abilities” of spermatozoa will not accelerate the onset of conception. The best treatment for man and same time the most famous is Sildenafil

How to conceive a child
Nutrition and chances of conception

Chances of conception depend on nutrition. This idea can not be called absolutely wrong – the diet of future parents does have a significant impact on health in general, and on the reproductive sphere in particular, on which the possibility of conception depends. That is why a couple who consulted a doctor, first of all, is recommended to review the diet and follow a balanced diet. However, unfortunately, many people understand this recommendation wrongly and begin to strengthen the diet in the direction of increasing the calorie content of food. It is generally accepted that it is useful for future parents to have “for two”, preferring products with an abundance of proteins and fats of animal origin. This opinion is incorrect – and not only with reference to the period of pregnancy planning: such a rich diet is extremely unfavorable for health.

High-calorie nutrition is appropriate only in cases of excessive physical exertion; in other cases it inevitably leads to an increase in the blood level of cholesterol and its deposition on the walls of the vessels with the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, narrowing the lumen of the vessels. Excessive intake of cholesterol into the body is a high risk factor for the development of obesity, hypertension (persistent increase in blood pressure), disruption of the heart, liver and kidneys. At the work of the reproductive system, such nutrition also affects sharply negatively, both for women and for men.

However, the very idea of ​​correcting the diet before conception is really relevant – especially for the future of the pope. Family planning experts recommend that men reduce the consumption of fatty and spicy food, floury, and try to exclude cream sauces, mayonnaise, fast food and canned foods from the daily ration, since they can reduce the male potency and activity of spermatozoa. Probability of conception is increased by seafood, low-fat varieties of fish and meat, greens, nuts, legumes, fruits and berries. The predominance of these products in the diet contributes to increased male sexual activity and a decrease in the viscosity of sperm, stimulate spermatogenesis (the formation of sperm in the testicles), positively affect the speed of movement of spermatozoa. It is from these male factors that the probability of pregnancy depends.