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The administration was monitored in June in an audit by the county Inspector General for inadequate organizations criticized the services for HIV-positive residents. In addition, a report was published earlier this month by the DC Appleseed Center that the city ‘s response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic, inadequate and poorly coordinated. The report said, among other things, that the city officials were not systematically collect and analyze data about the epidemic and not properly coordinated and supervised the organizations HIV-roviding services for people with HIV / AIDS Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report , who has served since 2002 as managing director of the AIDS Action will working as director of the city agency to begin on September 7th.

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They took the Magnetoencephalographic scanner from York Neuroimaging Center responses in a region of of brain, like posterior superior posterior superior temporal sulcus familiar. Been found The team the University Institute for Psychology and York City Neuroimaging Center in that the rear top temporal sulcus as strongly to an face and a voice to it clearly one multimodality reacts rather than purely visual functional.

A professor Andy Young added:’It is important as Feelings in daily life are often intrinsic multimodally – terms of face, attitude and voice at the same to , the research tests 19 people with Yorkers Neuroimaging Centre. 1.1 million MEG scanner which a non-invasive method for imaging of the magnetic fields such caused by electrical activity involved. Involved.