While ozone helps at high altitudes.

While ozone helps at high altitudes, protecting the planet from radiation at ground level it is a pollutant, a nuisance and a health risk is considered, it is created when responding pollutants from vehicles, power plants, industry and other sources the sunlight.

Issues addressed include:Increases in an indicator of inflammation , such as interleukin-1-beta, the researchers say, a key player in heart disease is known. Declines in components. An important role in the dissolution of blood clots , which may form along arterial walls Changes in heart rate, an indicator of a change in the nervous system ‘s control of heart rate. The subjects were all young and healthy, so the changes have not been particularly difficult or permanent but in the elderly, heart-related problems with weight or heart-related problems, especially those with heart risks and other factors, the stress on the heart and circulatory system down may be enough about about the most important symptoms or even a heart attack..While patients of 1,9 for non – of cancer comprehensive epidemiological research recorded, browse studies is evaluated effect of dose-effect of cardiovascular, the cancer risk by unlike wrote the authors. Be be little evidence suggests it is is a significant relationship between the advantageous be doses of radiation and the – – cardiovascular risk, but there are lots difficulties, because the problems of the exclusion of other factors that might be involved, the so-called confounding factors , the arcane stats or to make is Appearance as it is a link, when it is not, In If you remove to effects of these other factors on heart diseases.. Patients say worthy through low dose survey scientists.

The time is evidence that high radiation doses of over 30-40 Gy, how used in order to Hodgkin lymphoma and breast cancer, increased risk of heart disease.

‘Further investigation is needed down to size out effect on radiation and interference factors at the existing and planned study which radiation exposed to cohorts, and new laboratory studies have necessary to explore the biological mechanisms low doses related cardiovascular effects. 697-699.