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Governments and other decision-makers should be made more aware of the measurements of the issue also. Therefore, application of findings from cultural and cultural science studies and approaches that go beyond the purely medical steps are also of great importance. Expand medical and public science study At the nationwide and international amounts, we need to gain a detailed an infection biology characterisation of the existing virus. Research should focus especially on the pathogenic effect of different Ebola virus strains, on transmission, host adaptation and ecology of the pathogens.– Women should avoid swimming as contaminants in the drinking water can cause contamination of the uterus which continues to be slightly open after an abortion. – There must be no sexual intercourse for at the least two weeks post-abortion. – Tampons ought to be substituted for sanitary pads to avoid infection. – Showers should replace tub baths to avoid infection. Women seeking an abortion can encounter different emotions. Some may feel depressed or sad while others may experience angry or relieved.