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Since 1979, the Los Angeles-based nonprofit spent some time working in 99 countries, providing over $350 million for relief and advancement projects. SteriPEN utilizes ultraviolet light to destroy bacterias, protozoa and infections in seconds, helping to avoid water-borne illness. Operation USA supports several field organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, Partners in World and Health Vision, all of which are presently working to improve conditions in Haiti.She reported that, without the apparent trauma, she had created severe low back, buttock and perineal pain associated with bilateral leg paraesthesia and weakness, and bladder and bowel weakness. The pain have been such that she have been opiate dependent for many months, have been unable to keep working and had eventually been treated with disc decompression that had only marginally helped her pain. By the right time of the consultation, however, she was managing better however the major problem was with persisting paraesthesia and weakness.Her only current regular medicine was gabapentin.