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Cancer is a very serious, existence threatening condition and any problems should be talked about by you, treatments or changes in lifestyle with your doctor fully.. 5 Effective Testing For Cancer Cancer is a disease that damages your DNA and makes your cells grow in a rapid, uncontrollable way. This ultimately leads to the formation of a malignant tumour. Cancer isn’t easy to spot but there are some tell tale symptoms including lumps and unexplained weight loss. If you have any reason to suspect that you have got cancer then you should move and get your self tested by your doctor. In this post I will be discussing five of the cancer tests that they could perform. 1) PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: – This is normally the first test for cancers where there are clear physical symptoms.Web-based materials such as training course outlines and lesson plans will be available to facilitate incorporation of the publication into education on geriatric competencies. To put orders for the printing or eBook versions of Fundamentals of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy, check out ASHP’s online store at Or, make sure you email or call 1-866-279-0681 , 001-301-664-8700 . To arrange an interview, reserve signing, or to discuss bulk or co-advertising sales, please contact Rachel Gellman at . About the Authors Lisa Hutchison, Pharm.D. , MPH, FCCP, BCPS Lisa Hutchison is an Associate Professor in the Division of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Clinical Pharmacist at the Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging. Dr. Hutchison gained her BS pharmacy and her PharmD at the University of Tennessee Center for Wellness Sciences in Memphis.