Ugandan President Museveni calls for increased HIV / AIDS Prevention Strategies priligy side effects blog.

Ugandan President Museveni calls for increased HIV / AIDS Prevention Strategies, especially for MTCTappeal declining efforts to combat HIV / AIDS in Uganda, Yoweri Museveni on Monday to fight for increased prevention strategies as, in particular with regard to the mother – to-child transmission, Uganda New Vision reports priligy side effects blog . Museveni was speaking at the opening of the $ 2,000 Baylor Children ‘s Centre of Excellence at Mulago Hospital – caring for children who are living with HIV / AIDS and was out of Baylor College of Medicine, CDC and John Damonti, president of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation funded. Museveni said that all pregnant women to undergo HIV test, and if they test positive for the virus, a treatment for transmission to their children to avoid. He added that with improved MTCT prevention, Uganda , the number of HIV HIV, which is currently being recorded at 25,000 reduce born each year.

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