Tune Up Your Immune System for Frosty and Flu Season Its almost frosty and flu season again.

It is included in the National Pharmacopoeia of the USSR and the constant state Register of Drugs. Animal research in the USSR have shown that schisandra increases physical working capability and affords a stress-protecting affect against a broad spectrum of harmful factors including heat shock, epidermis burn, cooling, frostbite, immobilization, decreased air pressure, aseptic swelling, irradiation, and heavy metal intoxication. Schisandra exerts an have an effect on on many body systems which includes central nervous, sympathetic, endocrine, immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal.We hold open public trials, open-video camera hearings in the courts, and we grant immunity to all the drug reps, fDA and doctors researchers who want to testify against the very best criminals working this racket. Then we dismantle the drug racket by abolishing all patents on medicines and pharmaceuticals, ending Big Pharma’s tightly-controlled monopoly that has delivered countless U.S. Households, condition and businesses governments into downward-spiraling bankruptcy.