This article will present a practical method of patients with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Other causes add a toxic multinodular goitre, toxic adenoma and thyroiditis. A technetium-99m nuclear thyroid uptake scan and measurement of thyroid receptor antibodies are the most useful preliminary investigations for identifying the cause of hyperthyroidism, if it’s not apparent clinically. Treatment of hyperthyroidism generally involves antithyroid drugs , radioactive iodine or total thyroidectomy. Careful up-titration of thyroxine dose is usually required in treatment of hypothyroidism. Thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy can be an important clinical scenario and requires specialist involvement.Youngsters must do 5 to 10 minutes of dynamic warm-up before every practice, working on muscles symmetrically, she said. Recovery should be important because it ‘is the most important element of being able to teach and compete regularly,’ Colvin said in a medical center news release. Also, young athletes should take a break from competition or sport-specific training one to two days a complete week, she added. ‘This allows your son or daughter to rest not only physically, but psychologically also,’ Colvin explained. Training time and amount should never increase by more than 10 % weekly, and young sports athletes should take two to three months off a full year from their focused sport, she added. Parents have to be alert for problems such as pain also, fatigue and/or poor school performance.