The Royal Society of Chemistrys journal Lab in a Chip reports.

$2 egg-beater – low-price centrifuge replacement – could conserve lives in developing countries Plastic tubing taped to a portable egg-beater could save lives in growing countries, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Lab in a Chip reports. The low-cost centrifuge alternative can separate plasma from blood in minutes, which is used in tests to identify lethal infectious diseases responsible for half of all deaths in developing countries .

Patients with migraines display cortical spreading despair, which is seen as a dramatic waves of activity that pass on across the surface of the brain. CSD may in turn trigger not only the discomfort of migraine however the visual symptoms, nausea, dizziness and difficulty concentrating therefore common in migraine sufferers. Brennan, working in Charles’ lab, used imaging ways to visualize the initiation and pass on of CSD in anesthetized male and female mice. Female mice showed a lower threshold for CSD in comparison to males significantly. In other phrases, it was easier to evoke the waves of brain activity believed to underlie migraine in females than it had been in males. Although it is well known that migraines in females fluctuate with the menstrual cycle and are more frequent during the menstrual period, the scholarly study results appear to be independent of a specific phase of the routine, relating to Charles.