The researchers saw the cells do not die easily they died because of the action of the compounds.

Importantly, the researchers saw the cells do not die easily – they died because of the action of the compounds, Smith said. TL32711 works by enhancing cell death – formally known as apoptosis – and shortly before cells experiences apoptosis medicationvate proteins known as caspases. Sure enough, after the action of the compounds increased the level of active caspases, confirmed the cells were more apoptosis. This result confirms that the cells die as they should when you links compounds, says Smith.

We watched the combination worked better than each alone, says Smith.. To test in clinical trials. Works better in some types of lymphoma than others, Smith and his team are added to various lymphoma cells. Since if work best when given tilt in combination with other drugs, in some cells added compound other than TRAIL, the tumor cells are known targets.

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