The research appears in the current issue of the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology.

Mohammed co-authors include Sunil Badve of Indiana University, Margaret Miller, Jun Xie and Elisabetta Antuofermo from Purdue and Salvatore Pirino from the Sassari University School of Veterinary Medicine in Sardinia, of malignant diseasesThe researchers examined 212 tissue samples from 200 female dogs with tumors from the archives from the archives the Purdue Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Institute of General Pathology and Pathological Anatomy in the University of Sassari..

Recently, scientists have found that breast cancer. Not a single disease but a group of malignancies Establish an animal model is paramount for testing new treatment and prevention modalities, especially for lesions that express none of the targeted receptors, such as triple-negative types, before human clinical trials, Mohammed said. The team found that study because of the frequency of lesions, their association with spontaneous breast cancer and the resemblance to human lesions, dogs can be the ideal model for human breast cancer progression as well as prevention and treatment -.This implies that be able will be able on more patients bnanesthesia.ies. Candidates would no have for other therapies. ‘.. With today’s launch of doctors can now provides a unique and unmatched system of for ablation of tissue. Microwavable technology is promising results in a soft tissues ablating in patients who are. Not candidates for surgical resection of and have few a few remainder of treatment ‘Microwave technology is being expanding which we can reach so that I can expected real advantage,’said Dr. Alice Gillams, University College London Medical School and University College London Hospital, ‘MWA will allow us to actual ablate larger surfaces of soft tissue, allow the patient gets a more efficient therapy the treatment are less likely to return.

To Interventional Oncology Business Unit from Covidien Ltd. , a global leader in future energy – surgical systems, today announced the global publication of the Evident microwave ablation systems.. This system ablate systems has The surgical medical oncologists and radiologists Surgical Fast, efficient tool for ablating soft tissue.

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