The mean duration of hospitalization in the MYDICA group high dose during the 12-month period 0.

The mean duration of hospitalization in the MYDICA group high dose during the 12-month period 0.4 days 0.4 days compared to 4.5 days per patient in the placebo group. This finding is particularly noteworthy because heart failure is the most common cause of hospitalization in Americans 65 years of age and older.

The disease that is untreated by a less severe condition to a more serious one progress.. About the CUPID trial – announced the results of Phase 2 CUPID trial met its primary safety and efficacy endpoints at 6 months for high dose MYDICA compared to placebo. Additionally, 12 months after receiving a single infusion of MYDICA, patients with the highest dose , compared with placebo, 88 % risk reduction of major cardiovascular events such as death, need for left ventricular assist device or cardiac transplant, episodes of worsening heart failure and number of heart failure – related hospitalizations.

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