The Goodwill Ambassador.

It is shocking that this day and age this day and age well-educated women 6 women in the poorest countries of the world may die at birth .. Halliwellbassador Geri Halliwell to visit to Zambia to maternal health supportThe United Nations Population Fund, the Goodwill Ambassador, British singer Geri Halliwell , is Zambia visiting 14 to 16 November to promote greater international awareness the urgent need to reduce maternal mortality and the spread of HIV / AIDS. Both goals have been adopted in the Millennium Development Goals of the world leaders in September 2000.

However, for patients who are at sufficiently high risk for the development of such rhythms, only to the obvious risk that implantation implantation of such a device are reserved. Usually for heart attack patients, these patients is large enough heart attacks that they have a significant decrease in muscle function have suffered.. ‘I need to listen to these women, to understand their needs and give them a voice from Zambia, for help, is the world demand a safer place for mothers at birth, ‘said the UNFPA goodwill Ambassador. ‘Every mother who dies in childbirth, Every mother who leave behind orphan. Every mother who dies, a death in our family, no matter where it happens in the world. ‘. ‘.

###wife was UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador appointed in October 1998 and sits UNFPA campaign for reproductive empowering women the empowerment of women around the world you went on a mission to the Philippines in 1999 to access health services support, especially for young people.The ADA strongly believes that practical solutions wide range of stakeholders broad range of players then the first implemented among populations in to accessing to the highest risk on oral disease and having the lowest ability to care. And philanthropic organizations, have common grounds and common solutions to the oral health needs of required most at risk to address among us. .. We are very content with the success Summit that are than pleased milestone on the way our common goal of to improve access to dentifrice.

Among the participants were dental special interest groups, federal, healthcare leaders, interest groups, dental industry, dental education and research councils, funding communities, including third-party payers and philanthropic organizations, Railing net providers, non-dental healthcare providers, ADA leadership , dental voluntary leader and the state dentistry social executive or.