The D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE systems both feature the newly developed PHOTON 100TM detector.

The D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE systems both feature the newly developed PHOTON 100TM detector, the first CMOS-based detector for chemical crystallography. The PHOTON 100 represents a paradigm shift in the field of X-ray detector technology in terms of sensitivity, speed, dynamics, resolution and detector size. Detector on a large, research-grade CMOS sensor with an active area of 100 cm2, the four times larger four times larger than typical CCD chip for X-ray detection today is based. This new CMOS detector offers a detection efficiency significantly better than any other available detector. Also because of the outstanding reliability of low-voltage CMOS detector technology the PHOTON 100 is the first to to 3 – 3 – year warranty..

In reality, however, FDA enforcement is limited, said Stafford.. The D8 systems also offer the widest range of proven goniometer options Michael Ruf, access and convenience of the FIXED – CHI, or the ultimate in performance and flexibility of the KAPPA geometry. Both new goniometers are driven by a new collision-avoidance program on the latest robot path planning algorithms, the experiment planning easier and more efficient than ever before. Michael Ruf, Global Product Manager for Single Crystal XRD at Bruker AXS, stated:. ‘Fifteen years ago, Bruker CCD-based area detectors that X-ray X-ray pioneer most of the chemical structures published worldwide since that time were using Bruker instruments with CCD detectors. But now customers are looking at more and more difficult problems, of micro – crystals electron density on metal-oxide frameworks.A trainee Surgical, add virtual reality training to standard ‘ apprenticeship’ training in key -hole surgery learn to faster with more accuracy and less mistakes than those without Board formation, and as well as those who take advantage of additional video training carry out. The outcome of these Cochrane Systematic Review is essential because training surgeon has time consuming and costly, and surgeons have learn new skills during work within the hour limits set by European legislation.

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