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Children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with liver disease are at highest risk of manganese toxicity. Some of these groups have developed manganese poisoning even at relatively low doses in their water supplies, Spangler said.

Other researchers involved with the study include Dr. Neelum Aggarwal, Lisa Barnes, Carlos Mendes de Leon, PhD, ScD Liesi E. And Dr. Denis Evans The study was supported by the National Institute on aging financed.However, it stresses Raw Wildlife Conservation: Oxymoron and Evolutionary brothers? – Add the past 50 years The field of fauna sickness has exploded as a cause for concern more important, especially due to the increased finding that most emerging human illness zoonosis , that is, diseases which from the people spread can, other animals, or vice versa. USGS scientists Emeritus at Dr. Milton a friend, investigate in an invited talk at the Wildlife Disease Association conference, will be how and why this field of wild animals disease research has changed considerably in the past 50 years.

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