Specifically basketball.

Adolescent girls taking part in high-impact sports might face risky of stress fractures Adolescent girls participating in high-impact physical activity, specifically basketball, running and gymnastics/cheerleading, appear to be at increased risk for developing stress fractures, in accordance to a written report posted on the web today that will appear in the August print issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, among the JAMA/Archives journals.5 years.5-7 Limited treatment contact is most likely in charge of this modest degree of weight loss.1 Given the needs on providers’ time, a rise in the frequency of PCP counseling does not appear to be feasible.8 As an alternative, Tsai et al.9 trained medical assistants to deliver individual lifestyle counseling with the use of an abbreviated edition of the Diabetes Prevention System.10 Overweight patients who received eight short counseling classes lost 4.4 kg in 6 months, as compared with 0.9 kg for the patients in the control group, who were limited by quarterly PCP visits.