She is also a member of the Institute of Child and Maternal Health at the U of C.

Notes:Tamara Pringsheim is Director of the Calgary Tourette Syndrome Clinic and Clinical Assistant Professor with the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Pediatrics at the University of Calgary. She is also a member of the Institute of Child and Maternal Health at the U of C.

Their results show, while Tourette and ADHD have a major genetic component, there are potentially preventable perinatal the risk of a the risk of co-occurring diagnosis of ADHD in children with Tourette’s. We know that perinatal stress is a risk factor for ADHD alone when you were low birth weight, trying if your mother smoked during pregnancy, or if you were born prematurely, all these things, the risk of ADHD, said Dr. Tamara Pringsheim, Director, Calgary Tourette Syndrome Clinic, University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine professor and lead author of the study.

Is Pringsheim, a neurologist and researcher, says the important information from this research to people in danger of genetically Tourette syndrome to take precautions when planning a family by ‘not smoking, try a healthy weight for the baby to ensure and receive appropriate medical care.RTI International three thousand and forty Cornwallis Road PO Box 12194 at Research Triangle Park.

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