Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University Smoking Cessation center report.

Smokers with lung disease need more than ‘ letter ‘ InterventionOHSU Smoking Cessation Center researchers describe the most important steps for the development and implementation of hospital-based systems for smoking cessation treatment tailored for smokers with respiratory diseases smoking with lung disease require more than brief smoking cessation interventions successfully finish, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University Smoking Cessation center report.

.ndardization could save billions in the U.S. Health careresearchers from the Center for Information Technology Leadership indicate a standardized means of electronic exchange of medical information lead to annual savings lead to annual savings of up to $ 87 billion when in all health systems in all health systems, hospitals and medical offices.

The results were recorded on a 10-year implementation scenario where suppliers to buy new IT systems, providers, allow to use a single set of technical specifications and data definitions for the send and receive health information.This are the findings of a new study conducted by researchers at the Universities by in Montreal and in Oslo, which findings are published in the July / August 2007 issue of the magazine Child Development.

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