Promoting physical activity with financial incentives open full text here.

Other activities Other proposals respondents endorsed include training health professionals on the health effects of diet and physical activity on health, promoting physical activity with financial incentives, sport – friendly pricing policy and improving the quality and accessibility of sports facilities. Many participants have expressed the need for general, neutral, simple and flexible food-based dietary guidelines at European level, the different cultures, regions and countries can be customized open full text here .

When working in good shape according to the agreement, the results of a healthy lifestyle in the workplace their need to of healthy foods in of healthy foods in canteens or vending machines increase the availability of foods that energy energy or in large portions, promoting sport activity or daily physical activity in or around the workplace , or to promote walking or cycling to and from work. DisseminationAssessment Health Impact Assessment and cost-benefit analyzes of policies could help to to raise awareness among decision-makers. Availability and comparability of data on obesity could be improved by standardization of the type of data and the method of assessment. Respondents suggested that strengthen the EU Public Health Action Programme to support the further integration and dissemination of data, knowledge on effective strategies and links between sectors. Dissemination through through European Network European Network for the promotion of health through physical activity and of the European Commission nutrition and physical activity network.

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