Professor OKADA says that It is a surprising result.

This study was conducted by labeling vasopressin neurons of the rat brain hypothalamus with green fluorescent protein possible? – Professor OKADA says that It is a surprising result, operation. Vasopressin receptor exists as the brain and the kidney in the vasopressin is on operation. It can be expected to change the state of cerebral edema, the clarified along swells with brain trauma or cerebral. Develop infarction, and his method of treatment.

Kaori SATO, a student from The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, led the new function of ‘vasopressin ‘clarified that works in the brain, and in the kidney via the same type of the vasopressin receptor the size of the the size of the vasopressin neurons. It could be a useful result for clarifying the state of the development of cerebral edema along swells with brain trauma, or stroke, and for its treatment. The result of the study is in the Science Signaling , the offshoot of the Science on the American Association for Advancement of Science published reports.The company also announced that gout is specialist, Fernando Perez – Ruiz in Spain , will be the newest member of its inflammatory condition scientific advisory council .. Connection as ‘ Advances RDEA806 In stage 2 proof-of concept study on blast furnace.

Ardea Biosciences known to are approved for a Phase 2 a proof-of -concept clinical trial evaluating RDEA806 start getting gout patients with hyperuricaemia. Also known as the metabolic arthritis, is a painful and debilitating condition that causes obtained by abnormally high levels of uric acid in the blood and has the most common form of inflammatory arthritis for men over 40.

Because such looking statements are subject risks and uncertainties, actual results deviate significantly from the expressed or implied by, forward-looking statements. Such statements include, but not limited at, statements concerning our goals, including the expected features and advantages of RDEA806, RDEA427, statements may RDEA436 and out our other compounds and the results of of pre-clinical, clinical and other studies limits.