Participants included in this randomized controlled trial cancer medicine tamoxifen.

Participants included in this randomized controlled trial, 101 Alaskans with AD: 68 American Indians and / or ANs and 33 non-AIs/ANs All received one of three 16-week ::. Naltrexone+ sertraline placebo, naltrexone monotherapy + sertraline placebo , or naltrexone+ sertraline , all three treatments included nine sessions of medical and supportive counseling cancer medicine tamoxifen .

O’Malley said that these findings are important for all people with AD in rural or remote areas. More than a fifth of the U.S. Population lives in rural or remote areas, and many of these areas have high , she said, she said. Our study suggests that naltrexone could be used in combination with a primary-care model of counseling, to treat alcoholism in these settings. Stephanie S. Increase access care and reduce the consequences of alcoholism in these communities .

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