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Humana, one of the largest publicly traded health benefits companies in the U reseptilääkkeitä .S. Will offer to selected members in Illinois, Kentucky and Southern Florida in the in the BioImage study. The study uses mobile diagnostic imaging device with Philips magnetic resonance and computed tomography equipped systems. These units are located at sites in Illinois, Kentucky and Florida and will seek a total of 7 in December 2008 The BioImage study, which begins this week in Chicago and is expected in December 2008, will end in Florida enroll men aged 55-80 and women aged 60-80.

About BG MedicineBG Medicine is a life sciences company focused on the discovery, Development and commercialization of novel molecular diagnostics on biomarkers to improve patient outcomes and contain healthcare costs concentrates. BG Medicine discovers biomarkers and develops its diagnostic product candidates using its proprietary, versatile, and scalable technology platform that integrates and automates the precise measurement, analysis, characterization and interpretation of proteins and metabolites in body fluids collected.

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