Many seniors are lively and active and want to stay that way.

2010 Medco Medicare Prescription Intend to identify lower-cost medication options Medco Wellness Solutions, Inc. is helping seniors in this hard economy find intelligent solutions so you can get the most worth out of their Medicare prescription drug program. ‘Many seniors are lively and active and want to stay that way,’ said Mary Daschner, Group President, Retiree Solutions for Medco . ‘These plans offer access to a lot more than 3,000 medications, support from expert pharmacists and Medicare Advisors, insurance gap alerts and additional tools that may empower Medicare beneficiaries to live healthier lives.’ Coverage gap alerts let beneficiaries know how close they are to the Coverage Gap which is the third stage of insurance coverage in a Medicare Component D plan.

In the United States, hospital associations in 20 states have focused on statewide checklist adoption, with many monitoring the result on surgical outcomes.. 2010 HSR Effect Award recognizes research that improves patient safety and surgical outcomes AcademyHealth today recognized study that improves patient protection and surgical outcomes with the 2010 Health Solutions Research Influence Award. The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist was created as a tool to make sure adherence to safeness standards of treatment. With this award AcademyHealth recognizes study that clearly translated into policy and, ultimately, made our health and wellness care system better, said AcademyHealth President W.