Many patients receive high doses of radiation.

Many patients receive high doses of radiation, often for long periods, the researchers found, both risk factors for cancer. ? Maggiore della Carit Marco Brambilla, Andreana De Mauri, from the University Hospital, Italy and team followed 106 patients on dialysis for about three years. They collected data from medical records and calculated their radiation exposure.

Hospital, Italyificantly increased risk of cancer for patients on dialysishigh and frequent doses of radiation for dialysis patients, many of whom are suffering from other diseases and require radiation for diagnosis and treatments, she put on serious and significant risk of developing cancer, wrote Italian researchers in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Their findings triggers debate over whether physicians should reduce the use of radiation for diagnosis..According to the researcher million patients are million patients trauma centers joined in the past year each of which imaging equipment, on average, get get a piece. Of imaging, had 25-30 percent of CT scans. Some say that us be image forming too much, but this study demonstrates that optimum supply trauma patients high – tech imaging MSCT MDCT is worth it and needs to be performed, said Dr. Roman Line.

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