Lisa Rosenbaum.

The EHR can be touted as a cost-saving, quality-promoting tool, though cost-conserving projections have been debunked and data on quality are mixed.2 Although we’ve made progress in patient safety only by carefully examining our mistakes, the risks posed by technology are expected to right themselves somehow. Second, letting the marketplace form usability assumes that clinicians will be the target users. So EHRs will be just as good as the quality metrics they’re designed to catch; technology can’t conquer fundamental measurement challenges. We measure many things that have no worth to patients, while much of what patients do value, including our attention, remains unmeasurable.In the years since, the FBI has conducted 14,409,616 criminal background checks this year 2010, 16,454,951 in 2011, and 19,592,303 in 2012. January 1 through April 30 When you add in the first four months of 2013 -, the most up-to-day period for data – the final tally is 72,005,482. Next, some simple math. As of May 2, Obama has been in office 1,550 days. That ongoing works out to 46,455 criminal background checks for gun buys daily. Now, with that said, don’t assume all check results within an real sale. But, by the FBI’s own figures, the vast majority do. More guns, less availabilityIn January 2013, McClatchy Papers reported: In the four years since Barack Obama was initially elected president in November 2008, an estimated 67 million firearms have been purchased in the United States.