Apart from the historical and geographical of Namal Uyana it is having the pink quartz, a range of mountains which is the largest in Asia.This Quartz soil stratum place has been mapped in 1995 according to regional earth mapping program. Even though this place has been valued as a great historic place, further investigations has not been done about the Quartz geographically .This Namal Uyana nature garden has been examined by geographical Survey and mines bureau on 9th&10th March 2004.as requested by Hon. Secretary of Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources. Main aspect of this research is to acknowledge the Quartz soil stratum for submitting a report to the Secretary of Ministry of environment & Natural Resources.

According to archeological research findings, the pink quartz is having a history of more than 550 millions of years. The row of 7 mountains is situated over & above 180 to 300 mts., above the see level. At an overall view the top portion appears like misty i.e. clouded and with its pink color mixed with the white mist, it will give you a stunning look which differentiate this mountain from others. And if you go deeper to explore the diversities this range of mountains are having it will be an amazing experience. When you look at this row of mountains, you will come to understand that it is one of natures wonders. It is like 7 giant mountains guarding like pillars encircling the Namal Uyana Forest, the view is astonishing. Some time from the outlook you may feel it as a salt mountain, as the ancestors in the nearby villages call in Sinhala “Lunugal Debala”

There are 3 water falls deriving from these mountains and their flow stretches all over the Namal Uyana Forest. This water is enriched with minerals and contains ayurvedic medicinal values and the village people around and people from far away land believes that drinking this water will cure their diseases and give you physical perfection along with the mental satisfaction which you enjoy from the natural environment in this wonder land.

The researches conducted to explore the ingredients containing in this pink quartz has proven that it contains majority of Cylicon di-oxide (chemical name) along with other minerals which makes the mountain’s color as Pink. The sand surrounding Namal Uyana also contains the same chemical. Soil researchers has found out that this island is having 3 types of soil, Usbin Complex, Vijanu Complex and Vani Complex. Among these 3 types of soil Namal Uyana forest area soil comes under Vani Complex. This sand contains Granite gneiss, Marble, Impure Quartzite, Biotte hornblend geniss and charnokitic gneiss. Another research on pink quartz revealed that there are 3 types of quartz in the Pink Quartz Mountains in Namal Uyana forest namely, Vein quartz, Quartzite and Siliminite onsidering historical studies the formation of pink quartz is a process taken place for more than 550 million years. The major changes occurred in the era “Prag Crambiya” almost 500 million years back.

History reveals that emperor Shajahan while constructing ‘Taj Mahal”, the 7th wonder of the world brought all the necessary materials which are rare, from different parts of the world and he used marbles from Namal Uyana Pink Quartz Mountains to make it incomparable.

Blessed with all these historical, archeological and geographical backgrounds surrounding this fortuned land, anyone who visits Namal Uyana Forest and the Pink Quartz Mountains will find the peace of mind and will forget all the sorrows of the outside world.