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Heidelberg, University of Glasgow and the University of Harvard.

the creation of long-term scientific cooperation between Toulouse cancer Centre and the University of Dundee is the main aim of the conference. Experts experts from different areas of cancer research in these two cities, with the goal of developing partnerships and promoting good relations .. Dundee and Toulouse universities , two of the institutions ( in an initiative of Inserm Institut National de la Sant Et de la Recherche M dicale the French equivalent of the British Medical Research Council involved by funding research on a global basis,?. The aim of the initiative to create an international network of research centers. Dundee University has a Inserm laboratory financed as part this project.Kimura well as same that view more – term follow-up being important to to be addressed if EES would. To late side effects by more than one year, as late restenosis affect and a very late stent thrombosis.. Secondly, in spite of the all – arrivals trial design , the study public is written actually appeared a relatively low risk patient group, what be with lower than expected. Future stent trials, he suggested, may be to concentrate more on complex patients, where coronary bypass surgery a sensible alternative a reasonable alternative.

Kimura for several limitations of the study. First, he said, although SES has been does not is used widely at time of the study, It was a most common and best-studied first-generation DES. Clinical outcomes to SES implantation of should be considered a benchmark for the present and future generation active substance – eluting stent.

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