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The researchers carried out these behaviors to previous studies with humans and found that both species show considerable qualitative and quantitative development in play behavior from infancy to juvenility compared.

The authors of the study, Giada Cordoni and Elisabeth Palagi, the University of Pisa in Italy, discovered that in childhood solitary game in chimpanzees summit. In addition, they found that children and adolescents among the time spent in social play was almost constant.

In addition, the team discovered both humans and chimpanzees communicate and build social networks with playful facial expressions.After considering playmate selection, they found that both species prefer to play peers.According to Dr. This is the first investigation, the ontogeny of play behavior between humans and chimpanzees, to compare in a standardized manner.In one sentinel guided lymph node biopsy, a surgeon may splashes a radioactive substance is a dye or to both nearby of a tumor. Of body treats both as a Foreign substances so they with the first node for venting is filtered and bodies body flowing. An gamma probe and a Geiger counter is used locate which radioactive matter, says Wang, accurate, the however there only a rough idea the location node. From finding the node, the surgeon cut open the neighborhood and follow dye visual to the sentinel lymph. Most diseases, especially cancer and diabetes or abnormal oxygen metabolism Thus, the metabolic rates on of oxygen Terms of is is an important feature of the disease.

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