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Email messages introduced in courtroom as proof in the case display that Gordon was a lover of Stewart and had been persistent in asking her for help obtaining buttocks shots from 2010. I won’t quit my mission to ultimately possess a tastefully great butt improvement, Gordon wrote in an email. Gordon’s friend, Anglean Barber, testified in courtroom that she and Gordon had taken a plane to New York to meet Stewart at a Queens golf club where Stewart was hosting a celebration in February 2012. She said Stewart referred them to Garner later. Barber said she and Gordon desired a buttocks enhancement treatment similar to what Stewart acquired gotten through the years, because they both wanted to become models in the hip-hop industry..Maino, OVD editor, offers a satirical look at the American Medical Association’s Scope of Practice Series. Dr. Maino takes a critical but sardonic view and turns the tables on the AMA. Browse this editorial and then express your problems to the AMA and the doctors they serve that perhaps cooperation with other professions best serve the patient’s curiosity. In the next editorial, Optometric Vision Therapy: A LOT MORE THAN Meets the attention, Susan Barry, Ph.D., writes approximately her and other’s journeys in gaining binocular vision . ‘Changing the complete way you start to see the world can bring with it great joy but may also be overpowering, confusing, and frightening,’ states Barry. She also writes, ‘We needed a place where we could express our anger against all our older doctors who had informed us our vision could not improve or our compromised vision was ‘good enough.” If you or someone you know has problems watching the new 3D movies, be sure to read this editorial.