In a series of proof-of-concept experiments.

A genetic tool for cleaner water A genetic tool utilized by medical researchers could also be used in a novel approach to remove harmful microbes and viruses from normal water. In a series of proof-of-concept experiments, Duke University engineers demonstrated that brief strands of genetic material could successfully focus on a matching portion of a gene in a common fungus within drinking water and make it stop working male enhancement . If this new strategy can be perfected, the researchers believe that it might serve as the foundation for a device to greatly help solve the issue of safe drinking water in Third World countries without drinking water treatment facilities.

A diet rich in animal protein might drive back age-related decline By Sally Robertson, BSc Elderly individuals who consume higher degrees of animal protein could be reducing their risk of physical, social and intellectual decline in the future, show research findings. The longitudinal study of over one thousand Japanese adults aged an average of 67 years, showed that those that consumed a higher amount of animal protein were significantly less more likely to experience a decline in these areas of functional health than those who ate lower amounts. The quickly increasing life expectancy among Japanese people offers led to significant rises in the number coping with functional decline, a factor that has tremendous impacts on hospitalization, institutionalization and the overall economy, they clarify.