In a letter to John Manfreda.

Alcoholic ENERGY BEVERAGES Under Fire Beverage companies that offer alcoholic energy beverages were harshly criticized Tuesday by a lot more than two dozen state attorneys general who want federal government officials to examine the ingredients and advertising of the drinks they say are targeted at underage customers. In a letter to John Manfreda, the administrator of the federal Alcoholic beverages and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the attorneys general of 28 says and Washington, D.C . Nonalcoholic energy drinks have become popular with today’s youth, Oregon Lawyer General Hardy Myers said.

Preteen alcohol use was associated with dating violence victimization highly, suicidal thoughts and suicide efforts. Several evidence-based strategies, such as enforcing minimum legal consuming age laws and raising excise taxes on alcoholic beverages, are available however, not fully implemented to prevent and reduce alcohol use among minors. Increased support of the strategies will be essential to prevent alcohol misuse and the countless health problems connected with its use among teenagers.ciated using its use among teenagers.. Alcohol use among adolescents associated with violent, suicidal behaviours Many young people initiate alcohol use early in life, and the ones who do are in an increased risk for many problems compared to adolescents who do not drink.