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If these limitations can be overcome, Its. The use of robots for children a significant significant social and economic impact tadacip review . One baby in every 150 born today in the United States diagnosed with ASD, making it together more often than children with cancer, diabetes and AIDS. Currently, the treatment of these children, a combination of behavioral, educational, physical, occupational and speech therapies, sometimes accompanied by medication for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, irritability, bi-polar and other disorders. The average cost of caring for a person with autism for life is $ 3.2 million. Overall, autism currently costs the U.S. More than $ 90 billion per year, and that cost is expected to double by 2017 due to the growing population of those affected.

This approach is very promising, Stone says, It will involve many steps, and this is just the beginning. There are many different possible applications. So it is just a matter of finding resources them all them all. Increasing by a grant by a grant from the Marino Autism Research Institute.

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