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Title:. The potential role of glutamate transporters in the pathogenesis of normal-tension glaucomaAuthor Contact: Kohichi Tanaka Tokyo Medical and Dental University. JapanNew mouse model for the study of some forms of human hypertensionThe angiotensin II receptor type 1 helps in controlling blood pressure, his loss to lower blood pressure, while overexpression leads to an increase in blood pressure. In a study published online on 21 June in advance of the publication in July print issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Eric Clauser and colleagues from the Institut Cochin in Paris shows that a mutation in AT1 that the receptor more sensitive to angiotensin II and the effect of its ligand is longer lasting, causes a slight increase in blood pressure, as well as cardiac, vascular and renal fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction in mice.

Some studies suggest that., A diet rich in omega-3 reduced polyunsaturated fatty acids cancer incidence the the influence of fatty acids on prostate cancer risk in animals with a defined genetic predisposition to cancer, Together,n and colleagues studied Pten knockout mice and the effects on these mice of diets with defined levels of specific polyunsaturated fatty acids. The authors found that a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acid prostate tumor growth and increased survival rate in these animals was reduced during omega-6 fatty acids have the opposite effect.It is is in the more advanced online publication of of the journal Cell 7 August releases. Although researchers who ever growing are human cells in laboratory of infected patients, actual method cells of cells be taken directly from patients life life span, and when they are modified to make them ‘immortal’a metabolic disorder physiology and can make the findings questionable.. The survey on made their work very Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital be performed of University of Washington, of Howard Hughes Medical of Institute, George Q is Daley, who based Hospital for Children Boston.

Allows scientists allows scientists to healthy tissue cultures with the genetic code of the disease and the diseased tissue of studying. This study producing Daley and gentlemen pluripotent stem cells cells of patient with 10 different genetic conditions: Adenosine deaminase deficiency related to severe combined immunodeficiency , Shwachman – Bodian-Diamond syndrome leukemia, Gaucher Typ III , Duchenne DMD) the disease, dystrophy , Parkinson’s disease , Huntington’s disease , juvenile, type 1 diabetes , Down syndrome / Trisomie 21 and said support state Lesch-Nyhan syndrome in body fluids. Thanks to funds the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, the available available to scholars available worldwide. It possible to provide stem cell lines for other diseases , the researchers said.