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The drugs remain unavailable despite the fact that there is evidence that they are secure and effective and even though patients have no option to the drugs other than to wait for his or her personal deaths. The FDA provides taken steps to speed up the review process for drugs for cancers and other serious conditions, including granting them priority status that allows for a quicker acceptance decision. Unless the FDA appeals, the case returns to the district courtroom now, where the FDA will have a chance to demonstrate that it includes a ‘compelling curiosity’ in restricting the constitutional rights of terminally ill patients. WLF can be hopeful that it could work with the FDA to build up a new policy that takes into account the FDA’s legitimate concerns while also respecting the privileges of these in need of usage of potentially life-saving medications..For 12 weeks, individuals were randomized to one of four treatments: change to a second, different SSRI ; switch to a new SSRI plus CBT; change to venlafaxine ; switch to venlafaxine plus CBT.8 %] than switching to another medication without CBT [40.5 %]. There was no differential effect between switching to another SSRI [47.0 %] or even to venlafaxine [48. There have been also no differential treatment effects on modification in self-ranked depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, or on the rate of harm-related or various other adverse events. There was a greater increase in diastolic blood pressure and pulse and more frequent occurrence of skin problems during venlafaxine than SSRI treatment..