From 26 patients in the ECMO group.

From 26 patients in the ECMO group, before a donor organ became available, compared with 10 of 34 patients in the MV group. Among patients, the transplantation, the survival rate at six months post-transplant was achieved significant higher in the awake ECMO group , compared with the MV group . The six-month survival rate among awake ECMO patients who required secondary intubation dropped to 43 percent. Awake ECMO patents significantly p (=. Ventilation andhorter postoperative ventilation, and showed a trend towards shorter postoperative hospital stay.

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The study had some limitations, including the small number of included patients and the retrospective nature of of the analyzes. ‘Awake ECMO may be an effective link strategy for lung transplantation candidates,’said Dr. ‘This strategy, however, remains under investigation and be should investigated further in order to improve its safety and effectiveness and examine how Schneider. Its use for specific patient groups.

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