For the person addicted to drugs.

‘For the person addicted to drugs, we could strengthen this part of the brain involved with decision-making, allowing them to ignore impulses and weigh negative consequences of their behavior before drug drugs, ‘he said.

This is the first study, the exact signal, find the one brain cell in order information may pause it. The discovery could help us better understand and treat addiction, attention disorders and memory loss due to things like stress and trauma, Cooper said.This research support from the National Institute of Health, that U.S. Department of Agriculture, and University of Illinois supported. Co – writers included students Farhan Chowdhury, Yanzhen Li and Yeh – Chuin Poh and scholars Tamaki Yokohama – Tamaki.

Next, the researchers hope try their soft – substrate method with induced pluripotent stem , mature cells of genetically be reprogrammed at a pluripotent state The cells retain a volume promises for medical uses, but is notoriously difficult on culturally and non like embryonic as embryonic cell.