For most families across New York.

AARP releases set of tips & questions on caring for aging parents The turkey is defrosting and family is needs to gather at the home for Thanksgiving . For most families across New York, this is the once-a-year time that they travel from over the nation and, often times, world to be with loved ones. Are you concerned that their home may have security hazards, such as for example dark stairs, loose rugs, clutter, or fire hazards? Would brighter light and fewer tripping hazards help? Is there a bath on the floor floor and a available room that could turn into a bedroom if necessary? Could simple modifications to their home, like simpler to use switches and handles, grab cabinet shelves, a convenience elevation toilet or walk in shower make it far more convenient? Do they drive as well slow or miss signs or signals? Provides their doctor or pharmacist examined all their medications for unwanted effects and potentially dangerous interactions or influence on generating? Are they having any complications taking their medications? Do they always remember which medications to take and when? Check on the health of their mail.