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McDarby, a diabetic who uses a wheelchair, wasn’t in court for the verdict Tuesday. His wife stated the money – which the couple won’t get instantly due to appeals – would go toward giving her hubby around-the-clock medical care. Asked if she had anything to say to Merck, Irma McDarby responded: The truth shall set you free. It’s the integrity that’s involved, the morality that’s included. Each one of these plain things are essential, she said. Merck faces about 9,650 Vioxx cases in state and federal courts, and has vowed to try them one at a time. The trial – the 6th over Merck’s once-popular painkiller – was the first involving people alleging usage of 18 months or even more.The vaccine is available in a number of forms, including a shot, a nasal spray and an ultra-thin needle, named an intradermal flu vaccine. People allergic to eggs can get an egg-free of charge vaccine, and seniors can get a high-dosage vaccine, Grohskopf said. The vaccine is safe, she said. You can’t get the flu from a flu shot, Grohskopf said. However, unwanted effects from the flu vaccine can include fever and muscle tissue aches, based on the CDC. People can get their flu shot at their doctor’s office, at many pharmacies and at the job even. It takes about fourteen days after vaccination for the body to develop safety from the flu, according to the CDC.