Endress said that crunches could also seem a stomach flattening effect have.

Endress said that crunches could also seem a stomach – flattening effect have, because they can tighten and strengthen the muscles that support the back, making the appearance of a flatter stomach. ‘They are two different types of cells,’said Endress. Such as blood pressurern into fat and fat does not turn into muscle cells. ‘.

To the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention antibody only tests almost 10 % of infections in many high-risk populations can miss.. Ho noted that crunches burn calories, so the implementation of a large number of them every day contribute to weight loss, but not as effective as cardio.

Fortunately, ABC News OnCall+ Wellness on the expert as some of the perennial misinformation we ‘ve all heard about the exercise explode.To will answer your questions on the ABCNews.com OnCall+ Wellness CenterThe myth of crunches flattening the stomach may develop because sometimes crunches to reduce the appearance have to be belly fat.’Basically, you can not spot reduce – your body decides where to store fat and a lot of, manager, saidur genetics, ‘Gerald Endress, fitness manager, said the Duke Diet and Fitness Center.

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