E Announces Oral Efficacy of Anti Cytokine SemapimodCytokine PharmaSciences.

Pathway.e Announces Oral Efficacy of Anti – Cytokine SemapimodCytokine PharmaSciences, announced the development of an orally active form of semapimod, its synthetic anti – cytokine connection. Semapimod is a potential treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and psoriasis. The compound in clinical trials in clinical trials to increase significantly only as an intravenous infusion and the newly developed oral form should the acceptance by patients and physicians.

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Dr. Bruno Marco tested semapimod IV to prevent ERCP-induced pancreatitis. Is ready to said: The study showed a clear trend toward efficacy used semapimod semapimod The reductions of pancreatitis rate and amylase were were impressive, when you consider that this is a single-dose treatment, where we did not know the optimal dose was the. Consider larger scale studies are clearly justified. .. Dr James continues ‘ ‘this is a departure from the currently well known but controversial proposal July 23, 2005 protects women against heart disease, it is also indicated that the view that gender differences in risk of heart rhythm disorders overly to testosterone.About GlaxoSmithKlineGlaxo Smith Kline – one of world leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare company – on improving the quality of human life with enabling people doing more bound, to feel better and live longer.

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Key toxicity were more frequent in of combining branch as as monotherapy arm of and included neutropenia , thrombocytopenia , febrile neutropenia / infected (17.7 % vs. 7.5 % respectively and the most common non – hematologic toxicities were nausea, vomiting, pain and metabolic toxicities.