Creating stem cellsAs the human body develops.

Using these techniques, scientists aim one day be able to take a patient ‘s own cells, say skin cells, change them into heart or brain cells , and then insert it back into the patient to damaged tissues. Damaged tissues. In 2006 , Japanese researchers reported that they reprogrammed mouse skin cells to become pluripotent simply by inserting a set of four genes into the cells.. Creating stem cellsAs the human body develops, in maturely embryonic-like stem cells and transform itself.

For example, scientists induce iPS cells to become heart cells, the resulting cells heart cells heart cells and some lingering iPS cells. Scientists are concerned noting new heart cells could be dangerous to patients. Pluripotent cells when injected into mice, because cancer growths.

Besides better understanding of the basic biology of stem cells, the next step is technique technique further to the need for inserting the four genes with the development of cancer have been associated remove. As result, many scientists, including Ding, worked on new techniques to develop iPS cells without the use of these genes. To be difficult. To be difficult. But with the new protocol, which iPS iPS cell stage, the genes for a much shorter time is required..Acupuncture has the added benefit of being cheap, virtually excluding incidental effects when made by trained personnel, Gan recorded.

The results of this study be added to growing body of evidence fact that acupuncture in the improvement of in improving the quality of surgical opinions, Gan inserted. Numerous studies have, few Gan Gan have demonstrated confirms that acupuncture can also witnessed more efficient than the the current medication at reducing the occurrence of post operative nausea and vomiting, that most common adverse event in patients after surgery.