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These patients really suffer under these deformities because they interfere with their choice of clothing confidence lifestyle, confidence and body image, commented Dr. Weiler – Mithoff penegra india . We now have a way to treat these patients without major surgery and major additional scarring. Half my patients in in the 12 months of of the stage a continuous improvement a continuous improvement of the skin, the tissues, how the breast feels how it moves on the chest wall and in particular in the pain the patients often describe pre-operatively over the second six months. We expect to happen even more improvements in the second half of the observation period. Considering that correcting defects after breast conservation and radio – therapy very difficult and often only 50 percent can be improved with secondary treatment, the RESTORE 2 study outcome is a very good result.

Anesthesia in most patients in most patients . In 24 patients was used a single outlet, in eight patients two locations, and in one patient, three sites were used for liposuction. Not assessable. Was the preferred site for the harvest of the graft . Surgical complications were reported. One patient on anticoagulation therapy had a postoperative hematoma that lasting lasting harm to the patient. Patient and physician satisfaction scores on preoperative over postoperative assessment of symmetry, scarring, pigmentation, and overall breast deformity based.

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