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Department of Health and Human Services began an investigation into shortages in pediatric-vaccine supplies. Stockpiles currently can be found for five pediatric vaccines: the inactivated poliovirus ; measles, mumps and rubella ; Haemophilus influenzae type B ; Hepatitis B ; Hepatitis A and the mixture vaccine covering diptheria, HBV and IPV. AHF is working in conjunction with New Mexico AIDS Solutions, a respected local nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization. AIDS Healthcare Foundation is normally proud to continue its second HIV Testing Tour across the US after the successful completion of its latest and ambitious 14 city AHF Magic Johnson HIV Examining Caravan in mid-2009..‘In 29 countries in Africa and the center East, where FGM/C is targeted, 36 % of young ladies between the age range of 15 and 29 have already been cut compared to an estimated 53 % of ladies between 45 and 49, according to the most recent data released by the U.N. Children's Fund and the U.N. Inhabitants Fund ,’ the U.N. News Centre writes, adding, ‘While improvement has been made, the [WHO] warned that some three million ladies are at risk every year and 140 million have been suffering from the practice’ . ‘A total of 1 1,775 communities across Africa declared their commitment to end feminine genital mutilation in 2012,’ the Jakarta Post notes . ‘In a joint statement, uNICEF] and [UNFPA highlighted Kenya for example of sharp decline in your community, saying that 'ladies aged 45 to 49 are three times even more likely to have already been cut than young ladies aged 15 to 19,'’ Inter Press Services reports, adding, ‘The mix of national legislation and shifting attitudes at the city level appears to bear fruit’ .