Blood Tests Might Predict Pregnancy Dangers for Ladies With Lupus: TUESDAY.

Lupus is an disease fighting capability disorder known to increase the chances of pregnancy problems such as preeclampsia and miscarriage. This new research discovered that monitoring for several biomarkers – – or indicators – – in the blood vessels of lupus patients during early pregnancy can identify those people who are likely to have normal pregnancies and the ones who are in risk for problems, the study’s authors said. The researchers analyzed data from 497 pregnant women with lupus and 207 pregnant women without the disease. These were checked on a monthly basis of pregnancy. The study discovered that biomarkers called circulating angiogenic factors – – which regulate development of the placenta and influence the fitness of blood vessels in the mother – – could be assessed early in pregnancy.But the move could presage a new wave of consolidation as Minnesota hospitals and clinic systems realign their solutions and jockey for market share when confronted with ever-rising cost pressures and the rollout of federal health reform . San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area Hospitals Fined For Violations Six Bay Area hospitals had been among the 14 California hospitals fined Thursday by the state dept. Of Public Health for violations serious more than enough to severely injure or kill individuals.