And the results were published in the February issue the journal Osteoarthritis cartilage cartilage buy tadacip uk.

Treatment for Treatment for Osteoarthritis: Orthokine highly effective against knee arthritis after two yearsAn international team of scientists has evaluated the effectiveness of Orthokine therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee, and the results were published in the February issue the journal Osteoarthritis cartilage cartilage. The researchers followed 376 patients to determine the effectiveness of various osteoarthritis treatments buy tadacip uk . After six months and after two years, patients who received Orthokine significantly less pain and more improved joint function than those which hyaluronic acid or a placebo. Orthokine therapy is a biotechnology-based process in which proteins to inhibit inflammation patient patient’s own blood and into the affected joint. And and for thousands of patients we have treated, Orthokine has an extraordinarily safe and effective method for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee proven I am delighted that renowned experts have now these findings confirmed, said Dr. Peter Wehling, hogen in Dassel village on 21 February. We now plan to distribute the IP-protected Orthokine technology world. Orthokine is already being marketed in several EU countries by Orthogen or other distributors. .

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