And occupied by local scientists and technologists get information.

Collaborations in sub-Saharan Africa have been the creation of a network of state-of-the-art laboratories, and occupied by local scientists and technologists. The cooperation between the Ugandan government and international organizations has enabled the development of research, to improved to improved HIV screening and counseling; prevent free mosquito nets and water treatment for opportunistic infections, and free testing and treatment for basic infection risk for those who living with AIDS get information . – Western governments and donors need to continue to build capacity and train future generations of scientists and doctors on site in new technologies, added Professor Gotch. Countries need to conserve resources and sustainable not only the facilities and equipment, as well as people in these countries It is very and motivated. It is very important that countries, the ability to coach so in their country, that the knowledge and and developed to train. .

Uganda is a relative success story in relation to other parts of sub-Saharan Africa in terms of how it the spread of HIV the spread of HIV, thanks to a National AIDS Control Program , which was founded at the beginning of the epidemic. Yet million people in the country are and and contributions from the West have been and continue to be crucial in Uganda and elsewhere, say the authors.

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