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A*STAR-CSI scientists learn how body uses single communication system to decide fate of stem cells Researchers from the Genome Institute of Singapore , an institute of the Company for Science, Technology and Analysis , in collaboration with the Cancer Technology Institute of Singapore , can see how the body uses a single communication system to choose the fate of stem cells erectile dysfunction causes . The study, published in the scientific journal PLoS Genetics on 23rd June 2011, paves the real way for the advancement of new methods of stem cell therapy with fewer unwanted effects.

‘They also provide the consistency needed for testing and calibration performed in ISO 17025 certified laboratories.’ Related StoriesOptimised ChIP protocols for qPCR and sequencingImproved outcomes yielded from new ChIP-seq protocolPoint-of-treatment diagnostics for Ebola’ISO Instruction 34 accreditation represents an objective measure of confidence in the regularity and quality of ATCC reference cultures. It expands ATCC’s ability to produce internationally known standards for biological analysis and development, including Authorized Reference Materials,’ stated Rosemarie Pruden, PhD, Director of Quality at ATCC.