AMICAS announces new contract with Central Kentucky Radiology AMICAS.

AMICAS announces new contract with Central Kentucky Radiology AMICAS, Inc. , a leader in picture and information management solutions, today announced a fresh contract with Central Kentucky Radiology eriacta 100 tablets . This contract allows Central Kentucky Radiology to use AMICAS Financials to streamline their radiology billing and AMICAS RIS to gain practice management efficiencies and to further improve assistance delivery effectiveness. Central Kentucky Radiology, a 24-radiologist practice, provides interpretation services for 14 hospitals and four imaging centers.

It provided assistance to congressional leaders on the correct language concerning ACOs and lobbied aggressively because of its inclusion. As part of its continuing attempts, the association is definitely hosting a series of meetings in 2010 2010 that gather the leaders of healthcare delivery systems to teach medical group leaders on how to develop, operate, and maintain high-performing ACOs. The meetings focus on physician-led, patient-centered ACOs and go beyond the theoretical by combining actual case studies shown by the medical group leaders with firsthand experience in providing accountable care to their patients. They’ll culminate in the fall at AMGA’s Institute for Quality Leadership, subtitled the ‘AMGA National Summit on ACOs.on April 22-23 ‘ The first meetings in the series took place in California and NEW YORK.