Alzheimers is caused by beta-amyloid.

Alzheimer’s is caused by beta-amyloid, an unintentionally formed fragment of the endogenous proteins found on the surface of brain cells and the scientific abbreviation APP. Principle, it is extremely difficult to develop a vaccine, as it is crucial to ensure that the immune system only reacts after the beta-amyloid in the brain fluid is separated and not present when it is present, as a component of the APP protein of healthy brain cells. Nobody wants provoke an immune response against the patient’s own brain cells. Our approach protects the brain cells , and only combats pathogenic beta-amyloid, irrespective of whether it is still present, in its dissolved form in the cerebrospinal fluid, or plaque deposits already formed. .. Affiris has Alzheimer’s vaccination in patented Affitope technology based on mimotopes and allows customized vaccines can be produced economically developed Schmidt explains the special features of Affiris ‘ approach to the Alzheimer’s vaccine .

Affiris has chosen to tackle is hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis. A customized vaccine is also being developed this disease this disease and is currently still in the preclinical stage of development.

A new government report shows that smugglers manufacturing more and more of their own cigarettes, especially in China and Eastern Europe and 85 % of the illegally sells cigarettes are now thought to be Fake. Counterfeit cigarettes for half of all smuggled cigarettes seized nationally.. Affiris specializes in the development of therapies for diseases with unmet medical needs and offer attractive market potential of 22 million cases for the year 2025 and no effective treatment predicted is Alzheimer such a disease, the second major disease.U.S. Patent No. ‘Methods for screening alert on activities using teleosts ‘which 22 has claims includes assessing the heart rate in zebrafish and using of microplate for high throughput screening of. – ‘Even though the pharmaceutical industry and the Food and Drug Administration supervision of drug – cardiac toxicity, especially drug reactions from to the prolongation of the QT interval have risen there are current a hole in technologies for preclinical cardiotoxicity assessment,’commented Patricia McGrath, Phylonix President of and CEO.

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